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DSC00813So, my cute little brother Mark was with us this trip. I have missed him the last few times down there. He has always loved to cliff jump. I am not sure if it is for the thrill or just to get a rise out of mo, but either way he loves it. This year he talked Colten into jumpingColten with him, which took all of 1 second to do. Chase on the other hand, is  still the cautious one and really had to think about it for a while before he  the plunge. Mark, Colten and Mike went several times but little Chaser worked himself up to two jumps and was good. I was proud of him, I have turned into a wimp in my older days. He had a blast and Colten is a natural at anything that scares a mother. Just to give you an idea about the height of the cliffs, Mark is 6′ 3″ so I am assuming they are at least 20 – 25 ft and that is big to me.

My Little ManMy Little Man Chase is growing up so fast that we can’t hardly keep up with him.DSC00677

He’s the neighborhood bum, always out looking for someone to play with. If there is anyone that wants to have a sleepover, he’s on it. He is always looking for something to do. In fact, almost every time we are on our way home from somewhere he’s asking, “What can we do today?” Of course, mom and dad are looking forward to getting home and relaxing, but Chase always has other things in mind. He’s a goer.

Chase enjoys all types of sports and outdoor activities. He plays baseball, soccer and also wrestles. He loves to go snowmobiling, camping, boating, motorcycle riding, and 4 wheelin. He tells me that he hates hunting, though. “It’s boring.” – I think something is wrong with him???Chaser - Camping

Chase is a great helper. He’s always wanting to help. He says he likes to work. It doesn’t matter if it’s painting or sweeping the garage floor, he wants to help. Did I mention he’s a goer?

Chase is a thinker, planner. He’s fun to be around and everyone loves his company. He mostly stays out of trouble, except when he’s teasing. He loves to tease. Loves it.

Everyone should have a chance to play a board game with Chase. He’s a cheater. It amazing me how he finds ways to cheat, he just waits for the other players to catch him. It’s almost like he dares them to catch him. I watched him cheat his mom in UNO several times just the other day.

Crossing the RiverChase is so smart, it’s almost scary.  I can’t wait to see what’s still to come as he grows up. He’s truly fun to be around.

I love my little man. I wish I could pause time and keep him where he is for a while, but I am also looking forward to fun times with him as he grows up. I have more and more fun with him every day.