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I found him

One lucky shot!

Wow- what an experience this year! I was a little unsure of the whole hunting thing even as the morning began. It did not take me long to find out what all the excitement is about that I have seen Russ and my brothers go through every year. Opening morning I got up and had my coffee with Russ and Joe and those two giving me a hard time about bringing my Cosmo hunting. Once I had all 4 layers of clothing on, and my very stylish orange binnie we hit the road.

It only took us an hour before Russ spotted this deer. The bad thing was, I was off watching the sunrise and hiking around. When he rounded me up, I have to tell you that every nerve in my body was shot! He is so patient with me and handed me the loaded gun and told me to shoot.  Shoot, shoot, shoot already! I couldn’t see the deer in the sights. He fixed that for me and I finally shot. He wondered arouMy fam and amazing niece Nataliend about a hundred yards and fell. We were not lucky enough to see him and we never did find any blood. I just happened to be walking down a gully and ran into him. When I screamed, like the girl that I am, Russ thought I found blood finally. When I told him that I found the deer, he yelled at me to get away, thinking he was still alive. I knew there was no way that was true.

I got my first high five from Russ in the 14 years we have been married. I think he was a little proud of me, which made it all worth it. I had to thank my dad for all the good shooting genes that he passed down to me. One bullet on the first shot. I have never shot at an animal in my life, call it beginners luck, I will take it either way.

Jeff was a sweetheart and nice enough to send me down the mountain in his Jeep to get more help. I was not going to pass up that deal, I kill, they clean….sounds good to me!

A little history on thMe and Russis deer – Apparently this buck has been made famous through email. People have been watching him since the archery hunt in August and all the way through to the rifle. I seen the pictures but this is my first hunt and I never really paid much attention to those things. Now that I see them and we have made the connection, it is really cool.  I am definitely hooked and look forward to spending many more hunts with my family and my kids who will start hunting next year.who knows 082

Russ and I were up late last night talking about how our kids have each had such a different sleeping pattern. Colten has ALWAYS been our night owl and we remember spending hours each night rocking him to sleep. To this day, Colten has a hard time going to bed at night. Chase was a little easier, he would just fall asleep in bed with me EVERY night and I would move him into his bed.  Chase has no problem falling asleep wherever he lands now.  Kenzie has been our easiest of all. She has always loved her sleep and will actually get herself ready and ask to go to bed. We never have issues with nap times, she is always more than happy to go and lay down. At our age, we are grateful for this each night, makes the routine so much easier to get the boys ready. The only downfall now is to get her to stop wondering in at all hours of the night, or at least to find daddies side of the bed for a change.

Today was a little different for us. Russ had told her that when she woke up, he would take her to buy a new movie. She went right to bed knowing that when she woke up, she would get to go. She wondered down the stairs about 45 minutes after we has laid her down. I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye and she was going into Chase’s bedroom, which is scray enough without being half way asleep. I gave her about five minutes and went to see what she was up too, she was being a little to quite. I was shocked to find her curled up and asleep in his closet. She has never been a sleep walker. I let her sleep for another hour and she wondered in the office a little confused. I told her she fell asleep in Chases closet and she gave me a sly little smile and started to laugh and then started to tell me that “her daddy was taking her to the store to buy a new movie”. She  must have been dreaming about it, woke up, came down to get Russ and got confused on her way down. I am just glad I got the camera to show her.

Price River 2009We spent July 24th up at the Brown’s property agian this year. We thought it would be fun to take the kids tubing down the Price river. We rounded up all the tubes we could find at home and headed up. The kids of course thought this was a blast, well all but Kenzie who was with Russ and to worried about me to have any fun. She cried the whole way down the river. This trip was supposed to be nice and relaxing with little action, ha ha ha. I ended up riding with Natalie and between us we had 1 snow tube, 2 floatiung rafts and 1 noodle. That was a receipe for trouble. We started out alone and ended up together. She was a tropper. We were so sore after the ride, with all the musle tightening after going over the rapids on our bellies and leg hanging in the water. Our poor chins were cut and bruised and the whole time we had smiles on our faces asking ourselves who’s idea this was.

There were 15 of us total and we actually came out alive and laughing. Mike was lucky enough to catch a snake with his finger. Poor little guy thought Mike was an even match. LOL But he did grab onto his finger and was not about to let go.  I was the lucky one who caught the one and only fish thos day, I really wasn’t to excited about that,  there is nothing worse than catching a fish between you chest and chin and have it flop around your face. Poor Natalie, I think I ruptured her ears with my screaming. I sure wish I had my camera with me down the river to catch some of these moments. Looks like I should invest in a water camera for the next go around.