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Rainbow Bridge – July 2009Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

We took the kids to Rainbow Bridge this summer. This was one of our many stops on the 10 hour trip down stream.It was really hot on the hike up and Kenzie was not in the mood to hike any more. I had to carry her all the way up which wouldn’t have been so bad if it was not so hot out.  This was the first time that Chase and Kenzie had been here. Colten was with us 7 years ago, but it was a longer hike.

Rainbow Bridge

I learned something this trip that I hadn’t heard before. If you look on the lift side of the Rainbow, you can see the shape of a huge lizard crawling up the side. The kids thought that was a neat story, and you can actually see it.

Kenzie chasing lizardsKenzie had fun on the hike down, she found a lizard and that was about thenly thing that would make kenzie walk for 5 feet without me or Russ holding her.  She would not let the poor little thing out of her site. She never did catch it but it was a lot of fun watching her try.