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Hole in the Rock

Hole in the RockSo,  this was one of the neatest things I seen this summer. I have been to Lake Powell so many times that I can’t even count them and I have never seen this until now. It is amazing to think that the Pioneers actually made this work. We hiked up the 3/4 miles to see the sign that told the story of how 250 men, women and children climbed down this trail with over 100 horses and wagons. No one was killed and there were only minor injuries.

Hole in the RockThe hike up it was a little scary and steep, plus the sand was really loose and the trail was all over the place.  It is always so different to look up and see the trail coming down but once I was half way up there,  it gave me a whole new perspective on what all those people went through. They made this trip in January so they didn’t have to fight the heat, but the slick rock and sand would have been enough to fight.

It was fun to take the boys up here and show them what the Pioneers had to go through to make it through this area of Utah. It took Hole in the Rockthem over 6 weeks to blast the mountain and make sure everyone made it down safely.  It is always fun to actually get to teach the kids something while you enjoy time with family, usually it is all play. Just look at the view from 3/4 miles up the mountain. Hole in the Rock