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Russ and I were up late last night talking about how our kids have each had such a different sleeping pattern. Colten has ALWAYS been our night owl and we remember spending hours each night rocking him to sleep. To this day, Colten has a hard time going to bed at night. Chase was a little easier, he would just fall asleep in bed with me EVERY night and I would move him into his bed.  Chase has no problem falling asleep wherever he lands now.  Kenzie has been our easiest of all. She has always loved her sleep and will actually get herself ready and ask to go to bed. We never have issues with nap times, she is always more than happy to go and lay down. At our age, we are grateful for this each night, makes the routine so much easier to get the boys ready. The only downfall now is to get her to stop wondering in at all hours of the night, or at least to find daddies side of the bed for a change.

Today was a little different for us. Russ had told her that when she woke up, he would take her to buy a new movie. She went right to bed knowing that when she woke up, she would get to go. She wondered down the stairs about 45 minutes after we has laid her down. I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye and she was going into Chase’s bedroom, which is scray enough without being half way asleep. I gave her about five minutes and went to see what she was up too, she was being a little to quite. I was shocked to find her curled up and asleep in his closet. She has never been a sleep walker. I let her sleep for another hour and she wondered in the office a little confused. I told her she fell asleep in Chases closet and she gave me a sly little smile and started to laugh and then started to tell me that “her daddy was taking her to the store to buy a new movie”. She  must have been dreaming about it, woke up, came down to get Russ and got confused on her way down. I am just glad I got the camera to show her.

Yankees vs Twins June 24 2009 (8)We had the Yankee’s end of season party the other night and I was given some pics of Colten. I know I have talked about him as a catcher on my blogs before but these were the nights where he was pitching and I was so nervous that I couldn’t take pictures of him.  He really excels in his catching and is really improving his pitching. He was given the “Playmaker” award for always having his head in the game and calling the plays on the field. He made some awesome plays this year. He made several catches as catcher on foul balls, one in which is coach who has coached this team now for 54 year (yes! 54 years) saod in all his coaching he has never seen a play made with such a high foul ball. During the state tournament, he had steam coming from his helmet and they actually pulled him to play outfield which he never got to do with this team. It was really short lived as the 2nd baseman was injured on the next play and he was pulled in to cover.

Yankees vs Twins June 24 2009 (54)He will make as awesome player as he gets older, I am so proud of his dedication and talents. It really helps to have the coaching staff like he did this year. I swear they had a coach for every player, but that is what made all these boys excel this year. I was really proud to see them play in the city and then go onto state. They are an awesome group of players!

I love you Coconut!!

We made a quick trip to the cabin last night to pull the trailer up and get ready for the bowhunt. Colten opted to stay at grandma’s because Gage was staying over, so we just took Chase and Makenzie (and Peety of course).

We have fun watching the two of the interact with each other. Makenzie loves her big brother, and he is pretty good about it (most of the time).  We don’t know what she is going to do when Chase starts school in a couple of weeks.

They played Farkle, Uno and watched a dvd, before going to bed.

In the morning, we cleaned up around the cabin, put the trailer in place, then went for a walk to the top of the hill. There were some barrels that dad filled with water last year, so we poured them into the water tank. Kenzie and Chase were so helpful!

As Marcy and I grow older (especially Marcy) and our lives continue to change – big time lately – we appreciate just being together with the family as much as we can. We’re continually talking about how fast our kids are growing up and how we wish we could “freeze” time.

We’re so glad we have somewhere like “The Cabin” to spend time.