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DSC00813So, my cute little brother Mark was with us this trip. I have missed him the last few times down there. He has always loved to cliff jump. I am not sure if it is for the thrill or just to get a rise out of mo, but either way he loves it. This year he talked Colten into jumpingColten with him, which took all of 1 second to do. Chase on the other hand, is  still the cautious one and really had to think about it for a while before he  the plunge. Mark, Colten and Mike went several times but little Chaser worked himself up to two jumps and was good. I was proud of him, I have turned into a wimp in my older days. He had a blast and Colten is a natural at anything that scares a mother. Just to give you an idea about the height of the cliffs, Mark is 6′ 3″ so I am assuming they are at least 20 – 25 ft and that is big to me.