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We made a quick trip to the cabin last night to pull the trailer up and get ready for the bowhunt. Colten opted to stay at grandma’s because Gage was staying over, so we just took Chase and Makenzie (and Peety of course).

We have fun watching the two of the interact with each other. Makenzie loves her big brother, and he is pretty good about it (most of the time).  We don’t know what she is going to do when Chase starts school in a couple of weeks.

They played Farkle, Uno and watched a dvd, before going to bed.

In the morning, we cleaned up around the cabin, put the trailer in place, then went for a walk to the top of the hill. There were some barrels that dad filled with water last year, so we poured them into the water tank. Kenzie and Chase were so helpful!

As Marcy and I grow older (especially Marcy) and our lives continue to change – big time lately – we appreciate just being together with the family as much as we can. We’re continually talking about how fast our kids are growing up and how we wish we could “freeze” time.

We’re so glad we have somewhere like “The Cabin” to spend time.

Still workin on the hair This is all so new to me. I am so used to having the rough and tumble boys around the house. Don’t get me wrong, this little diva can hold her own with anyone but she wants to look good doing it. She will sit in front of this mirror at Lake Powell for a really long time combing her hair just right. She loves playing with the squirt bottle, which brings out the curls.  Just waLike my hair??tch out, if you are not paying attention, she will start on your hair next. Which, like the rest of us Young girls, learned from watching Grandma do her magic in her shop.  She is so fun to watch grow up. We are still not used to the screaming which is always extremely loud especially when her brothers are around. We are enjoying her more and more every day. Just wish she would stop growing up so quickly.