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I found him

One lucky shot!

Wow- what an experience this year! I was a little unsure of the whole hunting thing even as the morning began. It did not take me long to find out what all the excitement is about that I have seen Russ and my brothers go through every year. Opening morning I got up and had my coffee with Russ and Joe and those two giving me a hard time about bringing my Cosmo hunting. Once I had all 4 layers of clothing on, and my very stylish orange binnie we hit the road.

It only took us an hour before Russ spotted this deer. The bad thing was, I was off watching the sunrise and hiking around. When he rounded me up, I have to tell you that every nerve in my body was shot! He is so patient with me and handed me the loaded gun and told me to shoot.  Shoot, shoot, shoot already! I couldn’t see the deer in the sights. He fixed that for me and I finally shot. He wondered arouMy fam and amazing niece Nataliend about a hundred yards and fell. We were not lucky enough to see him and we never did find any blood. I just happened to be walking down a gully and ran into him. When I screamed, like the girl that I am, Russ thought I found blood finally. When I told him that I found the deer, he yelled at me to get away, thinking he was still alive. I knew there was no way that was true.

I got my first high five from Russ in the 14 years we have been married. I think he was a little proud of me, which made it all worth it. I had to thank my dad for all the good shooting genes that he passed down to me. One bullet on the first shot. I have never shot at an animal in my life, call it beginners luck, I will take it either way.

Jeff was a sweetheart and nice enough to send me down the mountain in his Jeep to get more help. I was not going to pass up that deal, I kill, they clean….sounds good to me!

A little history on thMe and Russis deer – Apparently this buck has been made famous through email. People have been watching him since the archery hunt in August and all the way through to the rifle. I seen the pictures but this is my first hunt and I never really paid much attention to those things. Now that I see them and we have made the connection, it is really cool.  I am definitely hooked and look forward to spending many more hunts with my family and my kids who will start hunting next year.who knows 082

Mt. Timp

Colten and I drew out for the Turkey hunt this year, Russ did not. Russ was our personal guide, but by the end I think he was a little sick of us beginners. I have never hiked so much in my life. It was really frustrating this trip when we hike all the way up the mountain and on our way down, we had two run in front of Colten and were gone so fast I missed them. We got in the truck and drove up the road and seen then crossing the road.

That's me..if you can find meI realized quickly that hunting isn’t as east as it looks. Poor Russ, the opening morning he was up the mountain like a goat and me, well I was struggling. I was out of breath and coughing, I even had to stop to puke, good times! I made it up the mountain to sit for a total of 10 minutes before Russ said there were to many people and it was a waste of our time. I ended up falling and sliding most of the way down the mountain feel in a snow bank while jumping and the whole time I was laughing to myself. I really had no business being on that mountain like that.LOL

Colten on the Turkey huntColten was a good sport, we dragged him around a lot and his poor feet were frozen. he didn’t think much of waking up at 4:30 to get on the mountain by 5:30. He sure did have a blast once we stated seeing them. We were not successful but we had a blast doing this together.

The most amazing thing to me about the hunt was watching and listening to the moutain wake up in the morning. i never realized how many birds there really are in the woods. The owls would hoot and the deer wake up around you.