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We had a really crazy 4th this year.  Started with a Baseball tournament with Chase in Orem and Park City.  Then moved onto Beaver Creek with the Brown’s.  We spent most of the day playing horse shoes and watching the little girls fish the creek. Who would of thought these two would come up with a stick in the water equals a fishing poll? I always thought that was something little boys do. LOL

It is always fun to get away with the best friends in the world and just hang in the mountains. Even in the rain and cold – we just learned to ignore Paul and Russ who kept telling us it was a perfect day for rain and bears.

Makenzie and Abbey rode these little 4 wheelers all over at the cabin last weekend. Kind of reminds you of the Flintstones doesn’t it?

The time that we spend at the cabin as a family are some of our most cherished memories. It doesn’t matter if we are snowmobiling, hunting, riding atv’s and motorcycles, just hanging out, or even working – we still enjoy it.

This last weekend we decided to throw everything in the truck (after the baseball games of course) and head up to the cabin. Of course, the first thing the kids asked was, “Who’s coming with us?” They were told, “Nobody, just us.”Around the Campfire

“Can we bring our motorcycles?”

Dad ran down to the store to pick up some corner bead and drywall mud for the walls that need to be finished while mom packed the cooler.

Within an hour or so, we were on our way.

It’s amazing how different it is when you are 9300 feet above sea level. As soon as we pulled up, the shorts were off and pants and jackets went on. It was a little chilly. In fact, it was snowing off and on. This didn’t stop the kids from playing outside and riding their motorcycles (for a while).

Kenzie and Abbey eating MarshmallowsColten had the campfire going before any of us could tell him not to start it yet. There was not much wood left from winter. Sure felt good though. The kids all love to roast marshmallows (and burn them).

Joe showed up a little later with Abbey. Kenzie sure loves to help Abbey around (even though Abbey is bigger than her – she is still in charge). They played so good together, riding the little red 4 wheelers all over and playing with their babies.

After some time around the campfire, it was time to settle down for the night (it was getting too cold to be outside). We lit the woodburning stove to take the chill off and keep everyone warm for the night.

UNO is the favorite card game these days around the kitchen table. You have to watch Chase, he cheats bad! I noticed it right off the bat (I must just have an eye for things like that) but it took Mom a while to figure out what he was doing. If he didn’t have the number or the color he needed, he would just draw and lay down whatever card he drew. Sometimes he would even throw in a “whew” to make us think he got lucky and drew the card he needed. Red 4’s on top of green 2’s – it didn’t matter.

After a night full of Peety and Joe snoring, Kenzie waking up screaming, Abbey asking her dad, “What is that noise” or telling him  “No snoring, dad”,  and so on, it was morning. Colten said he had the best night’s sleep of his life (even through all that).

Remodel at the CabinTime to go to work and get the first layer of mud and corner bead on the new walls (from the remodel). Chase is my helper, he always wants to help. He says he likes work – I guess this is a good thing, right?