SnowmobilingThose of you who know us, know that we are a family who likes to play. We love to go snowmobiling in the winter and this was the first year kenzie got to go with us.  The GangShe is a real trooper and is learning to play like the rest of us. You will see that she has learned to drive young. Her bother’s had her driving the 120 this year up at the cabin in fairview. The boys are naturals and Colten now is on his own 320 and Chase is now on the 120 mini. They are really good drivers. Colten has no fear al all, but that is nothing new. Chase on the other hand is more cautious and careful, which is fine by me.

We spent a weekend with Paul and Julie up in Strawberry this winter. It was a fun little get away to stay in a new cabin and ride in an area that the kids had never been. She stopped at Current Creek at took a few pics. The one that I missed was Julie taking off on the snowmobile before Carson had a hold of her. He all but flew off the back. It was the funniest thing to see him scramble. I didn’t think the boys would ever stop laughing. The 5 boys were playing out side and found a mouse who was half frozen. They felf bad for him so they thought they should bring him inside the cabin to warm up. We really didn’t care much for that idea and quickly made them leave. Guy talked them into taking him down to the barn and letting him go there/ i am not sure why boys always think they need to make pets out of everything they catch.

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