Not so sure Mom!Little cousin Shelby had a Pony Party this year for her birthday. This was Kenzie’s first time being this lose to a real horse. She talked about it ALL day, I could not get Kenzie jumping off the ponyit off her mind. When the pony’s finally showed up, she took one look and them and wanted nothing to do with them. Chase took a ride to show her that it was ok and that they would not hurt her. He had a blast and seeing him up on the pony, makes the poor pony look small. The owner of the pony’s was nice enough to get the smallest one out of her trailer to see if this would make it a little easier for Kenz. You can see that once I got her got her on, you can see she was not having it. She all but flew off her pony.Kenzie and Chase

Finally, after about 45 min, you can see that we made some progress. Her big brother stepped in and saved the day as always. She sure loves those brothers of hers. Chase was a good sport as always and helped her conquer her fear of the pony. Once we got her on, it was hard to get her off. Now everytime we pass a horse, she wants to stop and ride it.

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