Kenzie hiding from the rain

We went up to the Brown’s property up by Scofield. It started raining on our way up Friday and didn’t stop until Sunday. We all had a great time anyways. The worst part was trying to keep the mud out of the trailer and the kids dry. Kenzie had a blast, this was her first summer that she really knew what was going on. We got her a battery 4-wheeler so she could feel like one of the big kids.

What a fire

When we got a break in the rain, we spent time at the camp fire and playing on the slide. We had a fire going all day long to keep the kids dry and warm. The rain did not stop them for a minute, they did they usually hiking, riding 4-wheelers, and motorcycle. They walked down to Tyler and Pauline’s place to play with the kids.

StickyKenz had her first roasted marshmallow and boy did she make a mess of things. She decided really quickly that she liked them cold. All the other kids don’t really care, they ate 2 bags of marshmallows and crackers without blinking an eye. Poor little Peety froze this trip. He is usually a good little camper but we had his hair cut right before we left to save us on the burrs he seems to always find. He need to get him a setup like Chance, he is one spoiled dog, but he deserves it!!Chance taking his nap He looks all sweet and quite here in the pic, but don’t let that fool ya, that dog is the loudest snorer in the world….ok Paul still beats him but they are close. LOL

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