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I was digging through some of my older files today and ran across this disc with some pics from 2002. Some of them are up at the cabin and a couple are from Candy Mountain on our travels to Mt. Dutton. Makes you stop and think how time flies by.

World’s best mouse trap – If you have any trouble with mice while camping, you have to try this: Take a bucket a five gallon bucket and put some water in it (about 2 inches will do). Then put two holes opposite each other near the top. Then put a water bottle on a dowel […]

We made a quick trip to the cabin last night to pull the trailer up and get ready for the bowhunt. Colten opted to stay at grandma’s because Gage was staying over, so we just took Chase and Makenzie (and Peety of course). We have fun watching the two of the interact with each other. […]