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We spent July 24th up at the Brown’s property agian this year. We thought it would be fun to take the kids tubing down the Price river. We rounded up all the tubes we could find at home and headed up. The kids of course thought this was a blast, well all but Kenzie who […]

My Little Man Chase is growing up so fast that we can’t hardly keep up with him. He’s the neighborhood bum, always out looking for someone to play with. If there is anyone that wants to have a sleepover, he’s on it. He is always looking¬†for something to do. In fact, almost every time we […]

We went up to the Brown’s property up by Scofield. It started raining on our way up Friday and didn’t stop until Sunday. We all had a great time anyways. The worst part was trying to keep the mud out of the trailer and the kids dry. Kenzie had a blast, this was her first […]