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“Waking up Singing” Every time Makenzie hears this song she begins to instantly sing along. Even from a dead sleep, she wakes up singing. This was in the truck on our way home from camping on July 5, 2010. We spent the weekend up at the Brown’s property, then took the trailer over to the […]

We had a really crazy 4th this year.  Started with a Baseball tournament with Chase in Orem and Park City.  Then moved onto Beaver Creek with the Brown’s.  We spent most of the day playing horse shoes and watching the little girls fish the creek. Who would of thought these two would come up with […]

One lucky shot! Wow- what an experience this year! I was a little unsure of the whole hunting thing even as the morning began. It did not take me long to find out what all the excitement is about that I have seen Russ and my brothers go through every year. Opening morning I got […]