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There is always something magical about going to Lake Powell. Some of our best memories (Marcy’s and Mine) as kids are from this great place. The weather is usually warmer than it is at home, and the water is always inviting (though not so much in March). Seems like we could go on forever talking […]

As many of you know, my little Chase is one of a kind. This picture and the story will tell it all. We work up one morning and were all just hangin around and Chase walked into the cabin of the house boat looking like this. He had walked past his cousin Lauren’s bag and […]

So,  this was one of the neatest things I seen this summer. I have been to Lake Powell so many times that I can’t even count them and I have never seen this until now. It is amazing to think that the Pioneers actually made this work. We hiked up the 3/4 miles to see […]