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I was digging through some of my older files today and ran across this disc with some pics from 2002.

Some of them are up at the cabin and a couple are from Candy Mountain on our travels to Mt. Dutton.

Makes you stop and think how time flies by.

I spent part of tonight looking at a Snowest Magazine.

Seems like it’s been a long summer and I’m ready for snow.Good Times

The kids mention it all the time too. Kenzie always asks if I’m taking my snowmobile to the cabin.

She remembers riding the snowmobiles – though I don’t know how – she sleeps 90% of the time she’s on them.

I get “winter sick” this time of year, call me crazy, but I just love it.

We especially enjoy spending time with the family at the cabin in the winter. We can often go for the whole weekend and never see another person. This just isn’t the case in the summer – too many people out camping, riding 4 wheelers etc.

Kenzie enjoying the winter While most are sitting home in the winter, waiting for spring, we’re out snowmobiling enjoying our time with friends and family.

Remember, safety first and always stay on the groomed trail!Stay on the Trail

World’s best mouse trap – If you have any trouble with mice while camping, you have to try this:
Take a bucket a five gallon bucket and put some water in it (about 2 inches will do).
Then put two holes opposite each other near the top.
Then put a water bottle on a dowel (or arrow)
Put two holes opposite each other near the top of the bucket
Put the dowel through the holes (tape the ends so it can’t come out)
Spread peanut butter all over the bottle. (not pictured)

Important – don’t forget to lean a stick or something against the bucket so the mice can climb up. (not pictured)

The mice will climb up the stick, jump onto the bottle, the bottle will spin, the mouse will fall into the water in the bottom of the bucket.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

I know – Simple minds are entertained by simple things.

World's Best Mouse TrapWe set one of these traps up at the cabin a few years ago. After dumping out dozens and dozens of mice over several days, we did not see another mouse for at least 2 years.

Now, we are starting to see some again – so it is time to break out the “secret weapon” once again.Bucket Mouse Trap