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We had a great time up at the cabin on New Years this year. There was a ton of snow this year, compared to most years. It was extremely cold – about 6 degrees for the highs and -2 or so for the lows at night.

We didn’t have near the crowd this year, I am guessing Paul’s snoring last year scared most of them off?

We had a great time getting away and the kids had a blast. (Though we are wondering when they will run out of places to hide upstairs? They have been playing hide and seek for years now. How many hiding places can there be in a small cabin?)

The pictures of the sparklers didn’t turn out, but here are some pictures that we did get.

Colten, Kenzie and Chase at the RuinsWe made a day trip this July up to the Ruins in Forgotten Canyon at Lake Powell. The hike was a hot one! Kenzie was not happy about being there and was not in the mood to hike up the mountain in the heat. So, i was the lucky one who got to carry her all the way to the top.The boys on the pther hand, run up the mountain like little moutain goats. Colten could come here every visit to Lake Powell, it is one of his favorite places to see.

Kenzie was fun this time up here, she really liked it. She made me nervous always wanting to look over the edge and watch the boats below. She was “watchin for her daddy” which was WAY down there hiding in the trees with the boat. She was fun to watch go inside the ruins and at kenzie in the Ruinsone point told me she was staying in the house. There was a guy there who got a kick out of it. He told me that the rent was cheap and that I should take her up on it, there is no mortage.

It was fun to have all the cousins – or those who were with us- enjoy this trip together. They all got along really well.  I am sure more fun times will come in the future!The Cousins