Welcome to the exciting life and times of The Larsen clan. Here you will see how we live our lives (mostly playing of course!).4th of July Parade 2007

We mostly do this to share with our family and friends. We have found this to be a great way to preserve those cherished family moments that we used to take from the camera, put on a computer somewhere, then forget about.

The Larsen family consists of Russ, Marcy, Colten, Chase and Makenzie

Russ and Marcy were married on May 20, 1995, after spending almost every possible moment together for the previous 5 years.

Russ owns his own company called Taking Aim Marketing where he designs and markets all types of websites.

Marcy currently works at Christian Mingle.

At the Zoo 2009

At the Zoo 2009

Colten is our oldest boy. Very energetic, no fear, outgoing, but hates the stuff he thinks is boring, take Reading for example.

Chase is our second boy. More thoughtful, caring, careful. Loves art, math (Colten thinks he’s nuts). He’s our thinker, always thinking ahead.

Makenzie is our little sweetheart. She has Colten’s energy for sure (maybe more). She’s very smart and always on the move. (Maybe this has something to do with why we are finished having kids?).

Enjoy the adventures!