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I spent part of tonight looking at a Snowest Magazine.

Seems like it’s been a long summer and I’m ready for snow.Good Times

The kids mention it all the time too. Kenzie always asks if I’m taking my snowmobile to the cabin.

She remembers riding the snowmobiles – though I don’t know how – she sleeps 90% of the time she’s on them.

I get “winter sick” this time of year, call me crazy, but I just love it.

We especially enjoy spending time with the family at the cabin in the winter. We can often go for the whole weekend and never see another person. This just isn’t the case in the summer – too many people out camping, riding 4 wheelers etc.

Kenzie enjoying the winter While most are sitting home in the winter, waiting for spring, we’re out snowmobiling enjoying our time with friends and family.

Remember, safety first and always stay on the groomed trail!Stay on the Trail

Chase and Kenz at the park

Family Night

With all the struggles we all go through everyday, it is always nice to have the simple things make it back into your lives. We have discovered that the simplest outings are the funnest. Our ward has made August family month. We took that to heart this year. With no scouts or other meetings they have given us a list of family activities to take advantage of. This has been one of the kids favorite outings. It seems that we have taken a lot of things for granted through the years. We always do the big things with the kids like trips, camping, snowmobiling but it is the DSC00448simplest trip to the park that they enjoy the most. We have done this for two weeks in a row and Chase is loving it. We go get a cheep pizza and head out to the first park we can find. Spending a few hours away from home, stress, the business in our basement that we both get so wrapped up in, and just spend a few hours running around the play ground and playing a good game of catch. This trip Colten was at football practice, he always has something going on, but he will be making it to all the other family nights we have planned. This is one thing that we are going to incorporate in into our lives from now on.

Chase As many of you know, my little Chase is one of a kind. This picture and the story will tell it all. We work up one morning and were all just hangin around and Chase walked into the cabin of the house boat looking like this. He had walked past his cousin Lauren’s bag and seen her swim top just sitting there. He thought it would be funny to try it on and see why girls like them. He went a little further when he found a couple of loufa’s sitting on the back counter.  He came in strutting his stuff and made everyone laugh of course, he can swing those hips like no other. LOL  It wasn’t long before the other 3 boys caught on and went with Aunt Brit and raided her bag for some more tops. They decided this was a fine time for a talent show.Chase and the gang

Don’t they make the cutest group of girls?  Brit put them on the back deck and they did the Cha Cha dance for all of us.  Gage and Garrett take dance and they have some really good moves, my boys on the other hand, did not get the dancing jean from me and were not really sure what this was all about. These are the times you are glad to have camera’s and video, these pics will come in handy in the future for some good blackmail!