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StudI am not sure what the craze is about the shaggy dog look, but I have never been a fan. It is hard watching your kids grow up and having them have a mind of their own. I used to enjoy it so much when I could pick out there clothes and dress them up, even better, have their hair cut the was I liked it. We finally gave into Colten and let him grow his hair out. I have been waiting for the day when I could finally talk him into cutting it all off, never thought it would come.

He had spent Saturday playing two Baseball games and then a day at the Lake. It isn’t very fun having the hair wip around your face in the wind while you are tubing or wake boarding. When we got home I did my usual mom talk, “wouldn’t it be nice to be cool for a changes?” “Are you sure you want to have that long hair playing ball?”. When we started, I actually had to cut his hair of before I could use the clippers. He was not really happy that it took us so long.Shaggy

The next morning, he showed up at baseball practice and the coach and kids started to yell at him, “This is the Yankee’s practice, get off the field”. The kids started yelling “You’re not on our team”. He finally had to pull his hat off and yell “This is Colten!” The coach got a good laugh at it.  Colten is now enjoying the maintenance  free hair cut.

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We spent New Years at the Cabin this year (again).

Everyone had a blast snowmobiling, snowboarding, sledding, tubing, and just hanging out.

Good times with friends and family.

My Little ManMy Little Man Chase is growing up so fast that we can’t hardly keep up with him.DSC00677

He’s the neighborhood bum, always out looking for someone to play with. If there is anyone that wants to have a sleepover, he’s on it. He is always looking for something to do. In fact, almost every time we are on our way home from somewhere he’s asking, “What can we do today?” Of course, mom and dad are looking forward to getting home and relaxing, but Chase always has other things in mind. He’s a goer.

Chase enjoys all types of sports and outdoor activities. He plays baseball, soccer and also wrestles. He loves to go snowmobiling, camping, boating, motorcycle riding, and 4 wheelin. He tells me that he hates hunting, though. “It’s boring.” – I think something is wrong with him???Chaser - Camping

Chase is a great helper. He’s always wanting to help. He says he likes to work. It doesn’t matter if it’s painting or sweeping the garage floor, he wants to help. Did I mention he’s a goer?

Chase is a thinker, planner. He’s fun to be around and everyone loves his company. He mostly stays out of trouble, except when he’s teasing. He loves to tease. Loves it.

Everyone should have a chance to play a board game with Chase. He’s a cheater. It amazing me how he finds ways to cheat, he just waits for the other players to catch him. It’s almost like he dares them to catch him. I watched him cheat his mom in UNO several times just the other day.

Crossing the RiverChase is so smart, it’s almost scary.  I can’t wait to see what’s still to come as he grows up. He’s truly fun to be around.

I love my little man. I wish I could pause time and keep him where he is for a while, but I am also looking forward to fun times with him as he grows up. I have more and more fun with him every day.